A Free School
for Free Thinkers.

Who Are We?

Atlanta Unbound Academy (AUA) is a K-8 public charter school community that provides a rigorous, empowering, and culturally-rich education to students in Atlanta.

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What Makes Us Different?

Founded by HBCU alumni, we are uniquely positioned to mirror the experience of Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) by delivering a self-empowering education to our students that doesn’t compromise academic rigor.

Our teaching methodologies are centered around a shared racial identity and aims to uplift our students and give them the confidence to excel beyond any challenge they may face.

Developing an appreciation for world cultures through learning about other cultures and how the African Diaspora has influenced other cultures.

We prioritize reading and comprehension through a school-wide literacy focus. That means reading skills and comprehension development every day, all day, in all subjects.

AUA’s Impact

Students Met
Growth Goal
80 %
Student Attendance
55 %
Staff are
HBCU Alumni
10 %
Instructional Staff
w/ Master's Degree
40 %

100% of our middle school students increased their proficiency in the core academic subjects by at least 3% from the previous school year.

New Facility Update!

We’re excited to share that our permanent home is almost ready! Check out our social media for the latest photos. To date, roofing, the addition of three new classrooms, and framing have been completed. We’ll kick off the school year in the modulars but anticipate moving into our new building at the same address in September. Stay tuned for more updates!

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