Our Leader + Teacher Tribe

Leader Tribe

Meet our Administrative Team

Alaina Chipman-Leeks

Founder + Executive Director

Patrick Jackson


Assata Hatch

Associate Director of Operations

Toian Perry

Founding Student Support Manager

Arielle Massiah

Founding Social Worker

Breana Wofford

Founding Associate Director of Academics

Sharlena Carson

Founding Special Education Coordinator

Yolanda Holland

Founding Social Emotional Learning Manager

Operations Tribe

Meet our Staff

Jackie Goodman Cook

Operations Associate and Parent Coordinator

Ty’Sheka Lambert

Founding Operations Manager

Lower Academy Teacher Tribe

Meet our Faculty

Terrance Anfield

Founding Kindergarten Teacher

Arlyn Sanchez

Founding Kindergarten Teacher
+ Grade Level Chair

Alexandria Wilkinson

Founding 1st Grade Teacher

Kayla Sledge

Founding 1st Grade Teacher

Kelly Mitchell

Founding 1st Grade Teacher

Elicia Royal

Founding 1st Grade teacher

Middle Academy Teacher Tribe

Meet our Faculty

Breone Sanders

Founding ELA + Special Education Teacher

Bridget Robinson

Founding Middle School Leader + ELA Teacher

Arriante Turner

Teaching Assistant

Joseph Davenport

Middle School Math Teacher + Special Education Teacher

Jakira Moore

Middle School Math Teacher

Teacher Assistant Tribe

Meet our Faculty

Adrian Weems

Special Education Paraprofessional

Derrick Cooper

Teaching Assistant

Krista Simmons

Founding Virtual Teacher Assistant


Open to all Kindergarten, 1st, 6th + 7th grade students in Georgia!

Classes are filling quickly!
Apply by March 12, 2021.